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Orlando Graphic Design Studio | Graphic Designer Chiristine Peacock Image Magic Graphic Design Introduction
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Photoshop Before & After Image Editing

Roll mouse over photos to compare original image to final product

Sample photos were taken with an obsolete point & shoot non-professional camera and are meant to illustrate that ordinary images can be salvaged.

Photoshop Photo Editing by Image Magic
Photoshop Colorized Photo Editing | Bruce Tindle
Add Dramatic Photoshop FX | Robbie Sinn
Custom Social Media Profile Photo | The Gypsy Queen
Antique Photo Retouching & Personalization | Hindenburg Survivor
Camouflage Unwanted Background | Ungala
Heirloom Photo Retouching | Sweet Baby Girls
Create or Add a LOGO to Photography
Fire Flash and Dazzle FX
Photoshop Photo Editing by Image Magic


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