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Image Magic Creative Services Provide Holistic Evoke Set Brand Development and Targeted Marketing Communications Strategies Using a Variety of Design Disciplines and Media to Achieve Optimum ROI
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Holistic Evoke Set Brand Development and Targeted Marketing Communications Strategies Using a Variety of Design Disciplines and Media to Achieve Optimum ROI



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You can expect Image Magic to deliver persuasive solutions divergent from typical mainstream approaches that are popular, but obscure, in today's competitive marketing arena. Image Magic marketing tools use "outside-of-the-box" strategies designed to attract attention and create a positive and appropriate memorable experience to elicit an immediate or evoke set response from your desired target market.

While aesthetics and repetition are important, purpose and psychology are also key factors in successful marketing communications responsible for a primary position in the evoke set of your target market. In today's competitive business and entertainment arenas, simple repetition and a professional but templated image aren't going to translate the unique offerings of your marketing, entertainment, infotainment, or training venture into successful results ... a sale, an experience, or an education.

Today's competitive marketing arena requires more than simply presenting another cookie-cutter pretty picture or catchy phrase to communicate your marketing message. Image Magic includes big picture communications researched, deisgned and developed to serve your multiple media needs, present and future.

  • USP :: unique selling proposition of your product or service
  • TM :: receptive target market(s) or market niche(s)
  • STRATEGY :: the motivational psychology and purpose of the transaction or experience, whether the desired behavior is immediate response, instill evoke set mnemonics, and/or garner long term customer loyalty
  • MARCOM :: optimum marketing mix of message and medium initiates the desired response in your target market or creates a future evoke set action
  • PM :: a modular approach to project management enhances flow for a seamless transition and expedited deliverables

Since it's inception in 1977, Image Magic has created countless successful marketing tools and campaigns, and is widely emulated by competitors. Expertise in conceptualization, production, and deployment of every aspect of our multi-disciplined product and services offering create memorable concepts, dictate impeccable quality control, and deliver successful sales tools, experiences, and training materials. Every aspect is considered when developing the components of your marketing communications project to successfully meet or exceed it's intended purpose and promise.


Contact Christine today and add Image Magic to your marketing mix.

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