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Graphic Design Studio to Holistic Integrated Marketing Communications and Multi-disciplined Design Provider
MISSION :: Image Magic Philosophy & VisionORIGIN :: Company HistoryPURPOSE :: Philosophy & StrategyEXECUTIVE PROFILE :: Creative Director, Designer, Writer :: Christine PeacockRESUMES :: Christine Peacock, Creative Marketing Communications Director, Designer, Writer
Graphic Design Studio to Holistic Integrated Marketing Communications and Multi-disciplined Design Provider

ORIGIN :: Company History

Founded in 1977 as a "concept to completion" studio of Graphic Design, Image Magic imagery was known for an intuitive ability to capture and convey the essence of a venture in graphic form. My designs became established as the proven choice for an imaginative and memorable identity. This ability evolved into what has become the Company's current philosophy and mission, Identity… make yours memorable!™

Continued success in creating marketing imagery for business and entertainment ventures inspired the fictitious name and purpose of my then fledgling studio …Image Magic Identity Systems.

The Image Magic Digital Studios products and services offering evolved while working within the constrictive and departmentalized environment of 70's & 80's vintage Advertising Agencies. Realizing the need for a more seemless approach to Ad/PR Communications and Design ultimately led me to pioneer an integrated approach to Marketing Communications that is now a widely accepted strategy in today's business arena, and in the marketing curriculum of our nations university system . . . Integrated Marketing Communications. This approach has become widely emulated by competitors.

Following the 80's > 90's paradigm shift of advancing technology, I continued to develop the concept of creating a memorable identity into multiple media themes, and then into the new media of Internet Solutions as a final core competency. Image Magic design disciplines had expanded from Graphic Design to include:


The ability to develop effective communications in multiple medias is the foundation of the integrated approach to effective communications that will interprets and translates to your target market the unique offerings of your marketing, entertainment, infotainment, or training venture into successful results ... a sale, an experience, or an education.

Since it's inception over 30 years ago, Image Magic Digital Studios has proudly served the Central Florida business community and expanded it's services nationally via the Internet.

Contact Christine today and add Image Magic to your marketing mix.

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